BurnInTest Standard Edition

8.1 Build 1015

Scan your PC and find problems with your hardware


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If you think that any component of your computer may not be working properly, or you're just one of those users who likes to know what state their system is in at all times, BurnInTest will definitely be of interest to you.

BurnInTest is a program that sets out to analyze the performance of all the different areas of your computer, even those that are not normally in use.

To do this, BurnInTest runs the hardware on your computer for a short time at a high rate, forcing it to show any possible errors that might otherwise be very difficult to detect.

The working area in BurnInTest is divided up between various system hardware components, such as the sound card, the CD/DVD player, network devices, the hard disk, video cards, RAM, and various aspects of the CPU.

After analyzing the system, BurnInTest shows a dialog box on its interface that summarizes all the performance reports, and the user can save either in a text or image file for future reference.

SO Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003.


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